I’m a Vancouver based Digital Product Designer with a background in Architecture, currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Digital Media (MDM) at Centre for Digital Media. 

I’ve received my Bachelor’s in Architecture (B.Arch) from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. During my studies and work in the field afterwards I’ve learned that I love using my creativity to solve complex problems and that triggered me into a path of self-discovery which led me to digital design. I am passionate about human-centered design methods and processes and apply them to every project I am a part of. As part of my architectural and digital career I’ve worked with interdisciplinary teams always aspiring to meet the highest standards for usability and design. My main skills include digital products design, , information architecture, UX/UI design, spatial design, graphic design and last but not least, game design.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating art, drinking coffee, spending time with my family and travelling.