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Chinese Characters Evolution is a tablet application that showcases five Chinese characters related to food and their pictographic evolution. 


This project is in conjunction with the Museum of Vancouver (MOV).


Product Designer

UX Designer

UI Designer


2022 The Canadian Museum Association (CMA) Award for Outstanding Achievement: Exhibitions: A Seat at the Table: Chinese Immigration and British Columbia.


  • Research on Chinese characters evolution through time.
  • Research on Chinese ink wash painting.
  • Research on contemporary exhibitions that use  applications in museums.
  •  Ideation, design and prototyping of User Interface.
  • Creation of digital assets and animation.Conduction of usability tests with stakeholders, academy instructors and students.


Chinese characters have experienced thousands of years of development and evolution. The Chinese language is a big and fascinating part of Chinese culture and most people do not know how simple words like fish, chicken or rice were developed from ancient times into the modern scripts. It is impossible to understand the Chinese culture as a whole without understanding the Chinese language origin.

The exhibition looks to food and restaurant culture as an entry point to feature stories that reveal the great diversity of immigrant experience and of the communities immigrants developed. The digital exhibit via ipad needs to bring the scripts to the audience through an engaging visual experience.


The exhibit will showcase 5 words related to food and their pictographic evolution. This is an opportunity to learn a little about the history and transformation of these characters over time from oracle bone origins to the contemporary Chinese writing system.


FOR museum visitors

WHO are interested in a seat at the table exhibition

THE Chinese Characters Evolution is a digital application

THAT uses animation and sound to teach about the changes of chinese characters through history.

UNLIKE usual exhibits that are static

OUR PRODUCT is a visual story that depicts the origin of a written language.

Limited to an iPad

The exhibit planned to live only on the iPad. The user will be seated in an area that looks like a restaurant and will be able to touch the iPad and wear headphones.

Minimally didactic

The goal is to show and teach through a pleasant experience. This is not a language class but rather a calming and interesting viewing.

Minimal interactions

The interaction with the exhibit is very minimal and only simple actions should be possible.